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Discuss and develop software applications inspired by Ulex. Examples of engagement include:

  • Collaborate to make technical specifications
  • Create teams to develop Ricardian contracts that run Ulex 1.1
  • Suggest different technologies to run Ulex applications
  • Design users interfaces for platforms that run Ulex

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Ulex as an idea has existed for thousands of years, especially in the form of English Common Law. The technology for Ulex has only existed for a dozen years, however.

The founder of Ulex is Dr. Tom W. Bell of Chapman University Law School. 

Asso... (More)


Ulex is a flag-free, open-source legal operating system.

It contains a strict set of procedural rules, and an adaptive, user-generated set of substantive rules. The procedural rules do not change, but the substantive rules have various branches that... (More)

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